Preserving Inviolability (Sun Tzu 4:9) (Exodus Chapter 20; Matthew Chapter 5-7; Psalm 82; John 19:28-30; Matthew 11:28-31)

Keep it clean and keep ’em keen,
That’s the way defeat has been
Kept at bay – “inviolable”
Must remain sustainable.

In the long haul they have found
(Leaders in whom wisdom’s found),
Sophisticated strategy
Uses “way” or harmony.

Enlightenment in leadership,
With the Tao or way, can rip
Through the fabric of the foe –
Victory is thus controlled.

Politics affect defeat;
Errors will a victor seek
When corruption’s all around,
Errors are quite quickly found.

Conversely good discipline,
Tight control of fighting men,
Rules enforced in justice laid,
Keep mistakes from being made.

He who makes mistakes will lose
If the foe can see and choose
That mistake as way to win,
Exploit weakness, burning him.

Skill in war, employing force
(Aim of competence, of course),
Is the way to keep control –
Tao and rules together go –

War has many battles fought,
Some are one and some are not;
Which is which depends upon
If commander’s ways are wrong.

Don’t attack a blameless land;
Booty, captives, though at hand,
Do not seize where army fights
(Landscape raze) – leave things aright.

Honor shrines throughout the space;
Don’t mistakes of foolish make;
Discipline to follow, thus
Civilians won’t create a fuss.

War is hell, don’t make it worse;
Do your job as you’ve rehearsed;
Victory through policy –
Keep it yours, don’t see defeat.

Moses said as much as well –
Ten key rules for living swell
Guided life within, without;
Christ affirmed, and left no doubt –

This approach quite central was
To the fight for life because
How we live, what e’er we do,
States quite clear this higher view –

That the victory’s been won;
What is needful has been done;
We just do what we’re assigned –
Put the rest right from our mind.

People sense that confidence
We place in Christ’s competence;
In the face of happenstance
“It’s okay” – seen at a glance.

After all, the point, Christ says,
Is we all see better days
Than the days which we have seen –
Better place than we have been.

Invitation stands for all,
Friend or foe – there’s just one call,
“Come to me, I’ll give you rest;
Take my yoke, it’s of the best”.

Keep it clean and keep them keen,
That’s the way defeat has been
Kept at bay – “inviolable”
Must remain sustainable.