How To Lose A Battle (Sun Tzu 4:8d) (2 Timothy 1:12; Jonah chapter 2; Luke 12:11-12)

There’s ways to lose, as Fawcett shows,
Aplenty, for our wisdom knows
Strict boundaries, we proceed as fools –
We read Sun Tzu, then break the rules.

One way to lose is attitude –
Give up before encounter rude,
And you’ll be sure to see defeat
As on the battle-field you meet.

Another way is start the fight
And hope that things turn out all right;
As if ’twas luck that won the day
Instead of taking Sun Tzu’s way –

Of waiting till the moment when
A weakness suddenly you ken,
And strike it with swift blow of power,
Not wasted in destructive hours.

It’s hard to see ’midst smoke and dust
Once battle’s on, and fight we must;
A weakness in the other team
Remains obscured once conflict’s seen.

So don’t seek out a victory
Once battle’s on – and try to see
What’s best observed – signs of defeat
Before it starts – in enemy.

For winning can for all transpire
Before a battle’s sword and fire,
As well as during conflict’s day –
So think ahead – it often pays.