Christus Victor (Sun Tzu – General Theme) (Matt.5:5)

When force meets weakness no one knows;
It decimates – resistance goes
To route or flight, surrendered force;
When planned ahead, and well, of course.

For strength is hard to keep controlled;
It’s insufficient to be told,
“Do this or that” without the force
Of leadership to guide its course.

You can’t affect the victory –
That’s theirs to give – to let you see
Some weakness you are able to
Exploit – for that’s what victors do.

Of course the same holds true for you –
When you some weakness let them view,
You throw away your victory;
Defeat is what you’re bound to see.

So fancy plans and cleverness,
Are not the route to share success;
But weakness in the other team
Exploited – that’s where victory’s seen.

Prevail when easy; skirt when rough;
Invincible remain, and tough,
Until the victory you see;
Then on that move with surety.

But even then there is a flow
Of power released – where it must go;
For that’s when form and power meet,
To pound where other side is weak.

That’s how the universe is run;
Right now the devil’s having fun;
But he has lost ten moves ahead,
Not fallen over – but he’s dead.