The Stones Cry Out (Sun Tzu 4:1) (Luke 19:28-48; Ephesians 4:7-13; 3:10-11)

So, what’s the thrust of strategy?
Where does its locus seem to be?
Sun Tzu says plainly, ancient times
Is where the clues to this one finds.

For if one must advance to war,
And actions he advised before
Are all complete, look back in time –
In such experience you’ll find –

The essence of all strategy
As practiced – not just thought, said he,
By those excelling in the art
Sophisticated at their part.

And that was “ancient” in his day –
“Long times before”, “of old” they say;
Six hundred years – that’s B.C.E. –
Was when he said, “Look anciently”.

Well I recall old chief Dan George,
Whose quip was good – he spoke to ward
Off white folks being swept away
By “Ancient”, “Elder”, “Old” today.

He said, “You think we’re old and wise –
Use care – don’t let the thoughts arise
That we are all both old and wise,
For some are just old creaky guys.

Good fighters who made war with skill,
Who fought great fights as generals,
Said essence was control for them –
Their central core of stratagem.

Two parts effected their control –
Preparedness came first – when full,
The second part emerged – but first
They got prepared beyond the worst –

That could transpire in future days;
Invincible in many ways
Both in morale, materiel,
They built their strength so they’d excel.

Beyond defeat – not possible
In any way, they knew full well
That they were now unconquerable,
Their strength was quite impregnable.

And then they watched in patient wait;
Their strength allowed that slower pace;
Not pushed to prematurity
By others who could weakness see.

It has to come – some chink is seen,
Where strength once was, where power has been;
They watched for opportunity,
Some sign of vulnerability.

When seen they struck their enemy –
Their new defeat-ability
Was seized upon with their new strength,
Attacked at chink in their defense.

Paul said God’s plan throughout the age
Informed His work – let Him engage
With firm direction in His mind –
Clear focus as He moved through time.

He said, Christ sent five types of guys,
To build folks up to strength – as wise
And unified, with goodly lives,
Whose quality informed their rise.

The point? He noted – better way
Of life as lived by folks each day;
Declared to Satan and his clan,
“Note strength and health within our land –

“For we’re above the mean and mean;
In life such quality is seen
To be far better than your ways;
Fullness of joy fills out our days.”

And that, said Paul, was God’s great plan –
To build folks up throughout the land
Then wait until that point is seen
Where weakness in opponent’s been.

And that’s the task of church today –
To strengthen folks in every way;
Build up their strength; enrich their lives;
’Till each and every person thrives.

And as they rise, run at full stretch,
Non-verbal messages protest
The mean and mean as only ways
To live our lives and spend our days.