To See Within (Sun Tzu 4:4) (Isaiah 43:18-23; 42:18-22; 2 Corinthians 5:16-17)

To me there’s layers to our sight –
We see with mind when we see right,
For what’s apparent, yes, is there,
But when you see beneath – compare –

It to the surface view – surprise
Awaits our bored and weary eyes;
The jolt can raise us from our sleep
And help us see what’s there to see.

For those of us in world of art,
Fresh seeing is a vital part
Of having new insightful views
To share with others – thoughts to use.

A trick long used by artist-types,
Is staring at some thing in tight,
Until our mind gets fully bored,
And starts to lead us gently toward –

Some playful aspect of design –
Some turning upside down of mind,
Which brings a smile as we now view
What lay beneath – the old made new.

Then from that insight sight cascades
Like ripples on a pond – splash made,
’Till all of life around lights up
With sparkling newness – fills our cup.

Sun Tzu says second-site was good,
And those who had it understood
The subtle things in world around –
There’s ways to keep one’s vision sound.

So Scripture, prayer, activity,
Can help the leader freshly see
Beneath the surface, all around,
Then go where victory is found.