Of Past And Future Wars (Sun Tzu 4:2-3) (Ephesians 6:10-20; John 8:42-47)

Past wars for me, I see, O Lord,
Were quite defensive, at Your word;
As Sun Tzu said, smart generals
Will always have survival skills.

Invincibility is ours
To build for self, like ancient towers;
Then too, I ran an underground,
To save sky-pilots who were downed.

And that’s all fine and good I see,
But that’s defensive – saving me
And comrades – stretcher bearers brave,
Who dead and wounded bodies save.

But this is different yet again –
Sun Tzu addresses more than pain
Inflicted on us and our friends,
Before our time of battle ends.

He speaks offensively as well –
Of freeing captives from their hell;
Not saving lives with stout defense,
But shifting battle to offense.

As I think back, I left them there –
I saw their problem, and I cared,
But knew it was not mine to fight –
To that dark place I brought no light.

I did one thing, I played one role –
Moved on with You (which took its toll);
But still (so far as I know yet),
They’re quite bound up – I don’t forget.

There was a time I took offense,
But not like this – I scorned defense,
And sallied forth, bold, unabashed,
And got my hide severely thrashed.

But that’s not what I’m seeing here;
Of victory You speak, that’s clear;
Offensive actions when we see
Their weaknesses revealed by Thee.

Two weapons in Paul’s list of tools
Are for offense, and each has rules;
The rest are of defensive type,
Their use? Protect us in the fight.

Lord, what I hear, as I progress,
Is shift – offensive needs address;
That what transpires in days ahead
Is critical to where I’m led.

Lord, keep me open in the fray
As I progress from day to day;
Keep mind alert; perception keen
To hear Your word – and what it means.