“Nuanced” (Sun Tzu 4:4) (Matthew 6:1-18; 5:20; 25:31-46; Philippians 4:6-9)

“It nuanced is – far more than most have ever seen;
Those from outside it have not off to battle been.”
“Then we should talk when I have finished going through
The entire book – so I can hear your point of view”.

Some do their righteousness to gain the praise of men;
They dole out cash to get it back – as much again;
Pray prayers so folks can see in them how good they are
But faces say, “More sanctimonious by far”.

But it’s more nuanced than first apprehension says;
The secret plans and quiet moves before the days
Of outward battle – which disrupt deceiver’s plans,
And foiled intent so lives are spared throughout the land –

That’s closer to the pinnacle of leader’s skill;
For victory that’s visualized with mind and will
Goes far beyond the mean and mean as excellence –
Perceptive insight based on quiet vigilance.

Thus in the end no person sees averted pain,
Except our God who knows you’ve done His will again;
For excellence is in results with process bright,
Not in the common folk agreeing that you’re right.