The Giver Style Of Warfare (Sun Tzu 4:7) (Romans 5:6; Ephesians 1:10)

Givers have a style of war they like to fight –
They go upstream before and make things right;
There’s no glory in that style ’cause folks don’t know
Battle that averts its start, entails no show.

Super-master-upper echelons of war,
Aren’t the type of super-heroes we adore –
Bravery, courage, valor, on the battlefield
Are of lesser value, but their rep we need.

Victors over circumstance in darkness still
Don’t use wisdom, cleverness, to give a thrill
When hostile state submits ’fore blood is shed,
There’s no display of courage ’fore your dead

Ancient victors won their battle – no mistakes;
That’s the base from which they worked to victory take;
Happenstance, miscalculations, errors, chance –
Best avoided with mistakes in such a dance.

Strategy of best positions taken up;
What’s done directed for victors cup
Are the same for any fight – gain upper hand,
Thus established by your actions victor’s stance.

It’s a cinch to beat a foe already lost –
No blood spilt, no things are smashed, reduces cost;
Mistakes by foe, the chink that’s seen, insures defeat,
Although unseen, no courage used, the win is sweet.

Paul saw time when Christ appeared as being right;
The mystery of universe came into sight,
As unity of everyone and everything
Made possible now Christ had come, and He as King.