Designing Offense/Defense (Sun Tzu 4:3) (John 4:13-30; Colossians 1:24-29; 3:1-4; Psalm 17:6-14; 143:7-10; John 11:54-57; Luke 19:28-44; Proverbs 18:10)

Ask, can they penetrate the borderlands?
Or can I penetrate where foe now stands?
That’s the key to making good designs
Offense – defense – in crossing borderlines.

The balance of the strength ties to offense –
When you have surplus you can cross the fence;
Great strength, super-abundance, surplus, more?
Enough you have for victory before –

A foe who faces insufficiency,
Who cannot mount attack for victory;
Inadequate his strength he’s come to see,
So in his stance defensive he must be.

Sophisticated, skilled in their defense,
Adapt, defending well to foes offense –
They disappear, they melt without a trace,
With voices hushed, and nothing out of place.

They’d hide in depths and recesses of earth,
And give no hint of status having worth;
Concealed like ghosts and spirits in the depths,
Attackers could not know they were inept.

And those adept, and skillful in attack,
Sophisticated, rose above all that,
And like a bird of prey high in the heaven,
Like lightning, thunder-clap, attack is driven.

When mixed, an army could present themselves
Secure positions, watch the other well;
Then when aware of vulnerability,
Be able to achieve their victory.

Right from the first, Christ Jesus, born a King,
When Herod sought an end of life to bring
To this small child, and others of his peers,
Christ slipped away and grew to thirty years.

First sermon preached riled up the hometown crowd;
He slipped away which ministry allowed;
Throughout His work His forward moves and back
Allowed Him to advance despite attack.

The Psalmist speaks of hiding in God’s wings;
Of shelter there, from where defenceless sing
Their praise of God, despite how others felt –
High tower of defense in which to melt.

Then came Christ’s time to enter Zion’s walls;
On donkey He approached His judgment’s halls;
Was crucified; then blurted Roman shout –
“ ’Tis finished!” Which they cried at start of route.