“When to Stop” [(Start of ) Kingdom-layer reflections on ‘Health and Wellness’ series - ACE - Study]

I asked the guy ’bout ‘suicide’
When coaching clients far and wide –
“Does one stay ‘non-directive’ then,
Or on one’s ‘context’, then depend?”

“Oh! That’s a red flag, which you see –
Stop coaching! More with ‘client’ be;
Core principle is, ‘do no harm’ –
Primary job is ‘sound alarm’.

“You might not gain some brownie points
With client, but it’s God anoints
You with authority to be
A coach for him – it’s here you see –

You do not work for client’s cash
But for a client – turn and ask,
‘Hey, Christ – how is recovery done.
Here in this gym – at least begun?’

For this is part of world for which
Christ died – and once one’s made the switch
To Kingdom-layer, it is no sweat.
To switch it up – that’s point I get.

So Lord, that’s helpful – sets a ring
Of boards around most everything –
“At least address red flags when seen,
Despite for chasing cash you’re keen.

“If on your own, think well ahead –
Check contact info – where he said
Who must be called in such a state –
Pull info then – don’t hesitate.

“If he won’t give such info, then,
Do not start coaching – do not bend
That rule – don’t start, don’t take the fall
For worst mistake that’s made, of all.”

Thanks Lord for this.