“The Way I Like To Learn” [Reflections on Jessie’s course]

She came into artistic space of mine
(I asked her for some help, if she had time);
I bought her access to my software used,
“Retainer” as “Consultant when confused”.

Three months for each component of the set –
The first (Design) was core of it, and yet
I could not fathom how to penetrate
It’s labyrinth of features, had to wait.

Agreed, we Zoomed, discussed reaction to
The software, overall – for her, quite new;
“It’s massive when compared to my we tool;
If you jump in naïvely, you’re a fool!”

“I do a lot without its features rich;
No wonder you are bogged down in the ditch;
You’d better deal with that (though it looks good);
Find ways to deal with detail under hood.”

The second aspect of which she raised with me.
Was “layers” feature which I could not see
How best to comprehend its auto-mode
(Her version needed “Manual” for load).

“If I don’t make each layer, I lose all;
Nice feature there, and “layers” stacks get tall;
So in your case, each item gets its own,
Which gives each picture-item its own home.”

“So walk through all of their “Tuts” – if you get stalled,
Just give a shout, and then I’ll get involved;
Best choose a project, simple, as a goal;
Apply your learnings – something like a bowl.”

It went like magic, like a wagon train
Of pioneers – when they were stalled, one came,
Removed the boulder from in front of wheel,
So wagons could move forward, “No big deal”.

Thanks Lord for this.