“Preparedness” Kingdom-layer reflections on ‘Health and Wellness’ series. ACE –Study]

It’s best to be prepared, as group,
For suicides – for they will swoop
Upon you when you’re least prepared –
With preps, you need not freeze when scared.

Like, “You said this, which means to me,
I’m way beyond my depth – you see
I’m for you man, so now my boss
Will listen in – avoiding loss”.

“I’m pausing coaching mode right now;
Let’s talk some more (that is allowed) –
About your sitz im leben, chum;
Our coaching for today is done”.

Then quick, assess what stage s/he’s in –
Where stuck? Ask Christ where to begin –
If he is pre-awareness of
Christ’s Kingdom-layer just above –

His head, like ice upon a lake,
Upon which one can lace up skates
And glide on over muck and slime,
Big boulders, faced by world in time –

You can then let him know, somehow,
“Pin of the pinwheel” can allow
One to stay still, and safe within
The center of a world in spin.

Aware”, s/he’ll ask, “Is that for me?
I can’t around me, peace now see”;
It’s then “Breathe deep” or “Slam your hand
Upon that wall”, s/he’ll understand –

With inner sight – pain courses through
His mind, and snaps her point of view;
Some long-term work must still be done,
But road to life has now begun.

Thanks Lord for this.