“His Courtesy.” [Kingdom-layer reflections on ‘Health and Wellness’ series - ACE - Study]

Amazed I was – his courtesy
Exceeded mine; I plainly see
His was much better – far above
Our culture’s way of push and shove.

“Ask him if it’s okay to speak
Into his situation”, “Peak.
At ways he’s chosen to do life
Amidst our culture’s stress and strife.”

“Assess just where he’s at as stage,
Then tailor words – not as a sage
Who knows it all; can fix forthwith
All kinds of problems; pull from ditch.”

“Temptation of a coaching-type
Is ‘share some words to set him right’ –
Much better than to wisdom share,
Is help him find the truth that’s there.

An open-ended question helps
Him look around – “What makes you yelp
With pain when you do this or that?”
“What makes you sick or lays you flat?”

“And even if he wants some clues,
Keep flipping it – what would he do
If this or that were both a choice?
Let him give factored-life of voice.

“For we don’t know his life, like him;
We know ourselves, where we’d begin,
But we don’t know what other things
He to this conference-table brings.

Help him explore life he’s in;
Play out scenarios; begin
To take a hold of life and choice;
Give possibility a voice.

It all goes back to session one,
Where expectations have begun
To take a shape – affirm each man,
And woman, child, as best you can.

Thanks Lord for this.