“The Food Map” [Kingdom-layer reflections on ‘Health and Wellness’ series IIN Q and A]

There’s lots of ways to use this stuff;
It’s endless – but folks get to much
Sometimes, so help them map their way
Through info-land, to light of day.

Like, help them make a map of food
(Supportive be, so don’t be rude) –
You’ve not a clue of where they’ve been,
Or what they’ve heard, or what they’d seen.

So it’s a chance to get informed –
“What comfort foods makes heart feel warm?”
“What foods excite or quiet down?”
“With which are lists of feelings found?”

Why feelings first? They’re tied to will;
They motivate, stay with us ’till
Our days on earth, all pass away,
And we move on from this ‘today’.

A line, with curve above, below,
Gives history of what they know –
Above the line lie “Better times”
In life that’s past, when things were fine.

Below the line is where things crashed;
Oft not for long – but while they last,
It’s not a pretty scene, no way –
Perhaps that’s where they are today.

Then copy off that line for them
To play with many times again –
Map foods they can recall throughout;
Effect each food then brought about.

When this is done, let them explore –
Of which affects do they want “more”?
Of which want “less” – it lays a base
For further work – in any case.

Thanks Lord for this.