“The trip [New series – A series]”

The questions lasted to plus half,
Went on until it made me laugh;
It opened all my check-list up,
Just two remained (they’d had enough).

So they went out and had a chat
(Quite cursory), but using that
I checked my list of factors, saw
Two issues – just two tiny flaws.

First, Dr. in my eye-check chat
Showed me where line on scan was flat –
There was no sign of problems (yet),
Clean as a whistle it could get.

The second aspect – “info source
Once docs exhausted their resource?” –
“Where could I check all this stuff out?”
“Beats me”, was gist of medic’s doubt.

But what the heck, they had their fun;
Her intern got to do his run-
Through of her cool assessment tool
On one who thought their process cool.

It was a puzzle – “MOCA” test?
Or other tools quite like the rest?
Nope – just a set of endless facts
Which left me asking, “What was that?”

And then I saw the task they do –
“Assessments” – so support-team knew
How much support would be required
In PC homes by staff they’d hired.

I’d be an “A” – no problem there,
“Can walk, and talk, and breathe the air”;
“We’ll tuck this file of yours away
Until admitting you to stay”.

So, now I’ve seen another piece –
Two weeks I’d stayed in “Home”, and ceased
To think a senior’s life was cool –
“I’ll skip that stage.” I’d said in tool –

For ministry I’d made for peers
Back in Keewatin – “Dry their tears,
And take on “Meaning of their lives”
As a sermon-subjects – few there thrive.

And now, “Assessment’s” heavy hand
Was viewed up close – now in the can;
Where to from here? I think I see –
Like Bredesen – “That route best flee!”.

So, Lord, I’m back here at the bench,
And poems flow again – that wench
(Or was it her internist guy?)
Is “Healer” – now I’m asking, “Why?”

Best I can tell, it ties to route
Of next assignment – and, to boot,
Investment made by head-nurse then,
Might now pay off, fold the back again.

Just like far-seeing AA group
Who sought to teach me Big-Book route,
Not knowing how it might play out
Some future day, or thereabout.

Lord, thanks for this small forward step;
Help me stay open, not to fret
At viewing close all stages, new,
With “sixth-floor window” as my view.

Thanks Lord for this.