“Serenity Prayer” [A-series; pandemic series]

As lockdown ends and “normal” comes,
No longer sitting on our bums
Awaiting end of coved times,
We see some parts where we’ve been blind.

For social contract feedback gives,
As daily life each person lives –
It shows us best the range of acts
In which we move – less myth; more facts.

To some, the world has opened doors –
Of life’s adventures now there’s more –
Pre-teens find love and laughter rise –
A life of hope and choice comprised.

To others, like when flood-tides ebb,
Life’s as before, but future’s dead;
As mold sets into what once was,
No hope survives pandemic’s cause.

To others, it’s like fire’s char –
Few things survive, their future’s marred;
Bewildered at how little’s left –
Of what’s been gained, there’s so much less.

But we’ve been here – humanity
Has come through plagues; has had to flee;
And somehow dawn comes once again
Despite life’s overwhelming pain.

And how is it we start again
Despite our inward, outward pain?
We lean into oncoming wind,
Our feet to move out, new steps begin.

For we into the future fall;
Instinct moves feet when drive is small;
Self-preservation moves us on
When life’s allure for us has gone.

Lord, as we start to fix this mess,
We ask this day, our way You’d bless;
Help us to smile; help others out;
Dismiss through faith these walls of doubt.

Thanks Lord for this.