“Like Assets In A Bank” (Matt.6:22-23) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Matt.10 Sub-series]

habrá (that is, have, I see),
Works like assets there might be
In one’s bank, Caisse Populaire
Have (or not) – it’s balance there.

Light and darkness, viewed that way
Make a picture, I would say,
Of what makes a person here –
Light or darkness stored – that’s clear.

So, how are “Deposits” made
In one’s being? Assets laid
Up like bricks of gold in safe?
’Till mature, from when a waif?

“Through one’s eyes”, the saying goes;
Not your hands, or stomach, toes –
Either eyes take in good light,
Or deposits of the night.

Lord, that image clarifies
Role that’s played from birth, by eyes –
Bank-deposits, who’d a thunk?
Looks result in saint or skunk.

“Make deposits, day by day;
Focus on the light, that way
You’ll build up with asset-base;
Much improve the human race.

Made of metal fine”, we’d say;
Men of sterling all the way”;
Proverbs speaks in such a form –
Value added” as the norm.

There’s a woman, has a site –
Here’s My Weight”, But says it right –
“Education”; “What I do” –
Not some “Figure” you can use.

Myth – there’s gold locked in Fort Knox;
All the while, world’s streets it walks –
From deposits, day by day
“Through folks’ eyes”, the Scripture says.

Thanks Lord for this.