desde ahora, Hope in Yahwey From This Point” (Psalm 131) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible series – Psalm 131] [Photography Series]

Desde ahora (from now, here,
Says more in Spanish than appears –
For “Now” (ahora)’s time and place –
Phrase, point of view, is more the case.

For if we stand at point in time,
And then we take a picture fine,
We see what’s up ahead for us
Through time and space – if peace or fuss.

Photographers all understand –
We each select perspectives grand;
For we record from single point –
desde ahora – place anoints –

Such photographs as only ours;
This poet says that cradle towers
Above all else, as point of view –
Mom’s comfort-lap yields vista new.

For quiet in our mother’s lap,
Or at her breast, contented that
(As one translation puts it well),
The cradled-lap casts peaceful spell.

This poet says his point of view
Works just as well for poems to:
Bids us adopt this view from here,
Until forever – peace made clear.

Thanks Lord for this.