de aquel (Of Him Who...) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series; A-series] ” (1Pet.2:9; Rev.3:20)

So why the cap on pronoun here?
I asked, and then that text made clear –
Aquel, with cap on letter “A
Stood in for Christ, who future laid –

For you, who once was in some mess,
But now sees hope – you’re called to bless
His name, and actions in your life,
Who drew you from some whirling strife.

Called to sing praises for release –
That resonates – for what I see
Is not that good as road ahead;
Much better now, in way I’m led.

Lord, Peter’s paean in this tome
Has spoken into current homes
As he has done for centuries –
Indeed, now many folks are pleased –

To sing Your praise for what You’ve done
Here, in our times – pumped up our fun
From what was lying here, before
You came and knocked upon our door.

Thanks Lord for this.