estado (State) Above The Vortex” (Psalm 124) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Psalms sub-series]

The swirl of life on world below
We’ve seen, but now we need not go
Around within its deadly grip,
Then down the drain, endure its trip.

The thoughts of exiles in these lines,
As they returned at freedom-time
Endured, as pilgrims sang their words
Each year, that gratitude be heard –

By one and all – to God expressed;
For they’d have been up to their necks
In troubles they could not endure,
If God had not new-life procured –

For them – new freedom, life’s new chance
To try again – which at first glance
Is also our estate in life,
And way God comes and sets things right.

“Pin of the pinwheel’s whirling blades”;
“Ice on the pond” where memory fades
Of life beneath in rocks and slime –
Entrapping, halting life sublime.

“If He’d not given Kingdom-layer
Above all that; thus answered prayer
Of people seeking his relief,
It would have swept us off our feet”.

“So praise to Yahweh! He has freed
Us from that quagmire, swirling sea;
Freed, like a bird from hunter’s snare;
New freedom’s ours on Kingdom-layer.

Thanks Lord for this.