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00-Writing Aspects of The Augmented Text Process”

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My purpose in working through material is to be alert for writing elements which might be of use in the art-form I am in process of developing: The use of a mix of text, photographs and graphic elements is common for magazines, short stories and poetry, and there have been some forays of late into the use of graphics in novels...I wish to explore the use a mix of all three elements for novel presentation, with an eye for both print and the emerging digital platforms.

The poems below are responses of various aspects of augmented text...some poems relate to process, some to impact, some to thoughts that spun off in me. I tried to be as real as I could about my response to various dimensions of each concept and its effect, and therefore I created a good set of personal notes on the experience of developing this technique. Poetry was used because It is concise while inviting me in when I return after further exploration of the art-form, in a non-restrictive way.

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