“Romans Eight” [Spanish series]

Gracias por su palabra
First words I spoke last night,
As Synergetic Spanish
Put inner fears to flight.

Quiero mas, por favor
I said to kitchen friend;
“See! There you go – it’s working –
Brings silence to an end.”

Lord, thank You for his sermon
On Romans eight, near end –
Where nothing separates us
From love that will not bend.

Palabra”, word I needed;
Necesito” was the verb;
Your grace, indeed sufficient –
Through Spanish, word I heard.

At times we all need healing,
A place to pause and hear
Your solace for our hurting,
And feel Your presence near.

Lord, thank You for his teaching,
Encouraging to speak
By giving us a tool-set
That we might others greet.

Some spoke of “Overwhelming
Was English language task”;
And “fears of others laughing”,
(Some will, but it won’t last).

While others are more gentle,
Some others have been there,
And with their words encourage
To rise above despair.

So, friend, “First person, present”
Is all you need right now;
For “In your room in private”
Is all you can allow –

Yourself to speak in English,
That’s what “First person’s” for –
I’ll slide some helpful pieces
Beneath dividing door –

Like a lullaby’s to sing to
Your newborn baby girl,
Whose presence opens “family,” –
“Relationship” unfurls.

That’s when the “second person”,
“Third person”, plural too,
Are needed – but “first-person”
For you, right now, will do.

Thanks Lord for this.