a” (Towards) (Jeremiah 4:30) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible series]

In Jeremiah’s tome I read,
Quite near the start, where Prophet said
That “Troubles come” – “You’re out of line” –
“So coming days are troubled times”.

His term I liked in Spanish text –
La devastodo” – it’s the best
Because of earthquake yesterday –
We saw those buildings melt away.

They’re “devastados” to my mind –
In world undone, tectonics grind;
They’re those affected – question here –
Where will you go to, far or near?

That preparation in the book,
That “a” (towards) new meaning took –
Which way is safety in such whirl?
What’s go “towards” when all is swirl?

But even more I love their terms
Vas a hacer” – from which I learn
Vas (go), towards (we’ve seen above)
Hacer (to do, or make) – I love.

For in that phrase I hear, O Lord,
A “planning mind” in Scripture’s word;
A phrase that mocks such plans with stroke –
“Who can prepare for such?” He spoke.

For Jeremiah sought to wake
His fellow townsmen – choice to make –
To change their ways, their attitudes,
Lest devastation be set loose.

For “devastados” who remain,
Can’t even plan – that is quite plain –
They cannot flee; “stand still” is death –
“So act right now, while you have breath”.

“A plan?” Where’s that in text you read?
Vas a hacer” – that’s where I see
Intention snuffed out in a blink –
When terror strikes, no one can think.

“To go towards response” is fast –
So fast that one can barely act
Before a crushing wall of rock
Falls on your head – before you talk.

It’s not you ever “do” or “make”
(Which “hacer” means), which would be great –
Like Spielberg’s action-films with scenes
Where hero’s dodge where danger’s been.

No, it is here a different thing –
“What go towards” – it’s “a” that brings
Intention to the cutting-edge
Of question asked – where meaning’s dredged.

Towards” that “hacer” verb – in that
Intention lies – that little “a”
“Towards” such “doing”, “making” right
The devastation from the fight.

His question asks, “What will you go
Towards doing then?” Would have us know
It come so fast, no time remains
In devastation – which he names.

Two days our emails crossed the land;
We both reached out to understand
How Jeremiah plays today;
In end we saw – “unnumbered ways”.

So Jerry’s question lingers here –
“Pre-devestados” filled with fear,
Can’t think or change; respond in time;
So “pinwheel’s pin” comes to my mind –

Stand on that center-point; be still;
And fly God’s flag on yonder hill;
Say, “Me and Jesus made a choice,
To take a different life-time course.”

Plant Apple trees (takes time to grow);
Buy plots of land (for peace we’ll know);
Affirm that life continues on
When devastation’s days are gone.

Live global views in local life;
Respond Christ’s way; let it suffice
To placidly walk hand in hand
With devastados in your land.

“You won’t survive”, Christ said at first;
You’re first to go – for you its worst –
For you’ll confront them with your God;
For that they’ll have you seized and flogged”.

“So settle now, your choice in life –
When lightning strikes, when time is tight,
Can’t change long-held priorities,
Or twists to personality.

Step onto Kingdom’s peaceful shore;
Respond in love – what “now” is for –
Go now “towards” your “make or do”
Before the end sweeps over you.

Thanks Lord for this.