“ ‘Tomar’ and Translator’s Fun”  (Matt.5:2 Spanish Jerusalem Bible-98)

Translators have a load of fun
As they translate – they have the run
Of languages from left to right,
As they hand-off what comes in-sight.

Take Matthew five, verse two – the verb –
Somehow translator in it heard,
“Long preparation” – not “tossed off”;
Such words of wisdom! No one scoffed.

So how to say in chosen verb
This subtle thought which had been heard?
Ah! “tomar” – that’s “take up”; “to drink”;
His words – like craftsman – made folks think.

So Jesus “took up” words with care;
Perhaps for days He had prepared
To find some way which slipped beneath
Their radar when He sat to teach.

Then later (I recall), He said,
“I’m bread of life, by Me be fed”;
“If thirsty, come to Me and drink”;
It’s in My words – ‘abide’, and ‘think’.”

I’m so delighted, Lord, these folks
Are steeped in languages – so jokes
May well slip ’round each verbal block,
Enriching life and roads we walk.

Lord, thanks for this auspicious start
To Bible-life – as You impart
Its richness to each life in ways
Which help each person rise and say –

“Hey friend! Amigo, listen up –
I’ve found a friend – come share my luck!
Friend, Jesus meet; He’s “El Señor”;
My guess? He’s what you’re looking for.

For in well-chosen words He spoke;
Enlivened-workers He awoke
Here in our day – they’ve shared with you
In words-alive, His point of view.

Thanks Lord for this.