" “Everyday Bread” - Pan de Coda Día [Reflections on Matt.6:11 – The Lord’s Prayer on YouTube] "

When we were kids without much cash,
The weeks went by – each Sabbath passed
Would mark the point when week would end,
With rest for each – and then would send –

Us each to live our rested lives
Of school, and church (for dad would thrive
On job as clergy in those towns),
And mom washed clothes – brought white from brown.

Our clothes, not many, but enough,
Were “school,” and “play,” and “camp” (where stuff
Was squeezed for last wee drop of life,
Then tossed away when time was right).

But then we had our “Sunday clothes”
Kept just for that – though Goodness knows,
They doubled up for special times
When families would look quite fine.

The clothes we wore “for everyday”
Were “functional” in every way –
“Endurables”, “quite modest”, yet
Best value for dad’s pay we’d get.

“Good clothes” (for Sunday, as I said),
Were extra special – we were fed
Quite well on “staples” – stretched out fine;
Our lives were friends, and games sublime.

Mom told us yarns ’round backyard fires;
Marshmallow roasts; one great desire –
Hot chocolate, wood smoke, camping times –
Filled every day with memories fine.

So “everyday” to me meant “Great!”
Not latest gadget – more “The lake”,
With friends, and family, and more
Than one could hope, be asking for.

Well, YouTube had that Spanish prayer
“Lord’s Prayer” in Spanish – someone cared
Enough to walk it three times through,
From slow, to fast (as Spanish do).

Below each phrase translation ran;
One phrase on Google – my heart sang –
“Give us this day” said Spanish words,
Of “what” for me; I “good times” heard –

For their expression, when fed back
To English phrases, said just that –
Give bread that’s “everyday” (as type);
Ah, yes! Indeed! They had that right!

“Give us today our everyday
Bread” – give it here and now, today –
The daily bread that’s ‘everyday’
Filled with those thoughts of yester-way.

So special in their commonness,
Before the days of adult fuss;
Thanks Lord for teaching us that prayer
From Jewish world, expressing care –

For others, yes – but bringing in
Our memories – that we begin
Our days requesting common bread
That’s “everyday” – by such we’re fed.

Thanks Lord for this.