“It’s Not About The Leather, It’s The Beat” [Spanish series]

It’s not about the leather – it’s the beat –
The best drum in the world quite silent sits;
Until a drummer beats upon its face,
The dancer’s not inspired to ancient kicks.

So too with programs like “Rosetta Stone” –
I grant that without guidance it’s a pain;
But printout of its words like “leather” is –
No magic of a pulse in corner lain.

But when the drummers gather ’round the drum,
Lead drummer strikes the beat, the rest respond,
Then dancers’ caught up in hypnotic beat
And swirl of fiery colors they become.

Lord thanks for print-out lists, I’m sure they’ll be
A help to those who in such text can see
The magic of vocabulary there;
But “Programmed speech” (with guidance) is for me.

Thanks Lord for this.