“First Kiss” [Language series]

So “ad-” adhered to English thought
From Latin, from whose trove was brought
A set of core-words, with some bits
Or “particles which near each sits”.

So, “ad-”, with meaning, “to, towards”,
Tacks on the front of English words
To flog that concept, “to, towards”
In made-up-words for serfs and lords.

Sound-blending is a challenge too,
So “d” of “ad-“ drops out with new
Blend, shifting to first letter there
And doubled now – as gravestone fair.

But if folks did not need to blend
The “ad-” so awkwardness would end,
They just stuck on the prefix piece,
And use of double-letters ceased.

Lord, here we meet some ancient kin,
Who in some village did begin
To play with words – some kids perhaps,
“Pig-Latin-like” – use did not lapse –

But somehow hung around for use –
Spread to their folks who set it loose
Into the marketplace at work;
It blended in beyond first smirk.

And now, as we take stock of words,
That playful day back then is heard
By us – for loaded in this mix
Is some kid’s first ad-miring kiss.

Thanks Lord for this.