Porque's Not A Pig” [Reflection on Book The Loom of Language, by Frederick Bodmer and Lancelot Hogben (ed), 1944 (pp. 16-21)]

Porque’s not “a pig” but it has meaning –
It Means, “Because” in Spanish, I found out;
I’d heard it all around, thought, “They like bacon,”
But over time I had increasing doubt.

Then as I worked to find in Spanish language
Some music, hymns, and songs I’d come to know,
I saw it there in title – ripped right through me –
Because He lives, tomorrow I will know”.

So, porque’s not some breakfast on the table,
Or meat for barbecue to dine with friends;
But it’s because, that porque word, has meaning,
I get to break my fast ’till living ends.

But then it comes once more to its full meaning –
Because He lives, there’s life beyond the grave;
Because I know His hand now holds the future,
I can this day press on, for I am saved.

“You’re saved from what?” I hear your quiet question,
As you reflect on words in poems seen;
I’m saved from life on road that was disaster –
Six decades now much better life has been.

So, Lord, today as I continue walking
Streets of this town, and other up the road,
Be with each one I meet, may each find blessing;
Porque You live, through us may blessings flow.

Thanks Lord for this.