“Corizon - Heart”

I’d heard of that word a lot of times before,
So asked the man while standing at the door,
“What does it mean?” And jotted in my book
The way it sounds – he took another look –

Fixed spelling up and said with gentle grin,
“Heart” – I drew heart and wrote in letters thin
The English word – but welded now he was
To “corizon” – that’s him – I know because –

They sat before me, gentle-mannered style,
And teased each other playfully the while
As pastor chatted to the group ’bout love,
And family-life – that’s “heart” to me because –

I thought at first how loving they had seemed –
Embodied “corizon” and there had been
Example simple, blessing of the chance
I took – for I saw corizon’s romance.

Thanks Lord for this.