“I Made The Shift” [Spanish Learning Journal Entry #1] (Gen.11:7)

I made the shift from “Info-chase”
To “Trial runs” – maintained the pace,
But changed the focus of the task,
For “stage of change” made shift at last.

Tried cognates – played with that a bit;
That’s cutting-edge, took note of it;
Tried music – lyrics printed out,
With dictionary – highlight route –

With nouns, and verbs, and adjectives;
Adverbs, and prepositions whizzed
Through those, one color for the rest;
Cool learnings rose – some of the best –

Like one song said “God listens, hears
Me when I sing, or tell my fears;”
But words he used? “He follows me –
(Can comprehend parts I can’t see!)

Well, that’s way better then, my friends,
For that’s where comprehension ends!
When I speak up, eyes glaze, confused
By thoughts I share (so art’s now used).

I’m not the grammar-learning type,
But sorting cognates, coding right
With markers, made me check each one
So grammar’s learned – that’s way more fun!

I picked a dictionary out –
“Deep” one I chose – it helps me out
As tool, for I “deep learning” like,
(Not “instrumental”, “surface” type).

I kept a log of trial runs;
Made note of parts – what bores, what’s fun;
For I must turbo-boost this task –
Three months comes fast – but it’s a blast!

There’s plenty more for me to try,
But guitar-playing (French one’s why)
Is sort of plugged in, done each day,
As consolation prize I’d say.

Next? Think I’ll mark “100” in
My dictionary – keep it thin,
To plug the words most used each day;
To chat in Spanish, talk today.

We’re talking more at home now too,
From “Te amo” to “How are you?”
No, grammar had its day in court;
It’s my turn now – that’s my report.

Thanks Lord for this.