Psalm 27

This Psalm has carried the freight for many people down through the ages, and is very familiar. I love the way, in many of the Psalms, streams of thought interweave which I might not have otherwise put together. I find this tendency has helped me to grow up into these pieces of poetry over the years.

I was in a job once where the office politics were considered something of an Olympic sport. Simply maintaining a basic sense of decency within the context was a daily challenge. I found that I lived in the Psalms each day both before and after work. I found that Psalms like this one help to me to keep my perspective and my sense of humor under pressure.

I notice that this Psalm is used twice in this woman’s list – both when feeling lonely are blue, and when people fail you. Maybe that’s because we often feel worst when we are out of sorts with the people around us, for whatever reason.