On-Ramp Reflections To Selected Scriptures - Index

Intro Note:

At the time of her grandmother's death, a friend of mine found a list of Scriptures handed down from her great-grandmother to her Grandmother, tucked into her grandmother's Bible. She asked me to comment on them and provide an on-ramp to understanding where they fit into the larger piece of literature. This is my multi-part response.

When Lonely Or Blue:

When in Sorrow :

When men fail you :

When people seem unkind :

When you have sinned :

When you worry :

When you are in danger :

When discouraged :

When out of sorts :

When doubtful :

When you lack faith :

When God seems far away :

When you want courage :

When forgetful of blessings :

When you want to rest and peace :

When the world seems bigger than God :

When you want Christian assurance :

When you leave home for labor or travel :

When you grow bitter :

When your prayers grow narrow :

When you are skeptical :

When you can't have your own way :

When you are lonely and fearful:

Happy conclusions :