Scripture Comments - General

First some general comments regarding the Bible as a whole:



That’s about it in terms of general background.

In terms of the passages themselves, I would add:

When we look at this collection of passages as a whole, half of them come from the Old Testament, and half of them come from the New Testament. However, all except two of the Old Testament references come from Psalms, leaving out the bulk of the Old Testament.

I have no problem with this, because there are such magnificent pieces selected from Psalms. The two additional Old Testament pieces are also very good, particularly when they are viewed from within their subheadings. However, there is a danger always in thinking that the passages which are selected are the best of what is in the Old Testament, and that there really is nothing else there that could be of help. Having spent my life savoring this beautiful piece of literature, I am amazed at the high level of quality throughout most of it, and I would encourage further exploration.

One thing you might do, is Google the same headings and see what other selections people suggest for the same headings. Or else, make up your own headaches and Google them.

Not everybody likes to mark up their bibles, but I do...with comments, dates, passages I find helpful and why, and general info like the helps me  find stuff I’d never find again is a huge collection of literature...


Ps. A lot of folks would choke on my description above, but hey, they can write their own, and I’m sure they would be “right”...grin...s.