Second Peter

1:2 – knowledge of God and Jesus multiplies grace and peace to us – versus the current heresies from false teachers.

2:4 – corruption is seen as being in the world because of passion. [Some information follows in diagram form]:


If this exists and grows in you
then this knowledge of him hasn't made your lives complacent or unproductive –
by allowing us to know the one...


His Divine Power


1:10 – "endorsed by your conduct that God has called and chosen you" – for this God will open the gate to the kingdom of God and let you participate.

1:15 (:10-15) – the quotation for museums and books and memoirs etc. – this book was written after the bulk of the old folks had gone – when it was too late – it's a second-generation notebook logged back into the "as it should have been written" phase.

2:1-2 – heresy is denial of him. Loose living is a denial of his Lordship.

2:4-9 – if-if-if-if-then –

2:19 – for what overcomes a man – that he is enslaved to.

3:12 – holy living Spurs on the coming (and?) expresses our earnest desire for it's coming.

3:9 and 12 – hours in slows down? What is "the body" that maintains the balance to be? coming (he gives us more time) and right living there for hastens it. Cf. Qumran – steady and strict practice of the law hastens his coming.

3:14 – while you wait, work on right living and peace. And thank him for the extra time that others may respond as well – i.e. were living on borrowed time – so very casually!

3:17 – how to lose your stability – get carried away with lawless men – rather, grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus – who is Lord and Savior.

1:20 and 3:16 – private interpretation outside of the body – I wonder if whole sections of the body (e.g. UCC) can get led astray with what is essentially a private posting of Scripture and the sheer size of numbers fool them into thinking it carries the effect of connective influence of "the body". I wonder if the vulnerability of the small group makes such arrogance impossible, or at least holds the potential of cautioning arrogant self-assurance. For both large and small what are the correctives? What is "the body" which maintains the balance today?

1:8 – the test for whether knowledge of Christ has resulted in complaisance and non-productivity is whether that link set of life-aspects is in place in your life and is growing.

– it is the why of our celebration and the reason God is allowing more time for us (3:9) before he shuts it down.

– desiring that we all be on the road (3:9) not necessarily fully developed (to the measure of the stature and fullness of Christ etc.).

1:19 – Old Testament prophecy of coming of the son into our dark world shines like a lamp before the dawn – it is a lamp before dawn in our hearts as we wait for the new age (the word of the new age is hope to us).

Note – Philips’ translation is excellent and very readable here.