1:13 – "the hand of the Lord has gone against me". Cf. a lot of the AA philosophy types and their spirituality along this line at times.

1:16 – sublime!

1:20-1 – "I went away full and the Lord has brought me back empty" (and bitter)... but with Ruth, David's grandmother! But can't see it through the tears. The blessing to the world has taken up abode in the mix of human-divine love and affection bond between these two women – the unlikely Moabitess of all people! What about us in our returning bitter and empty – can we see the blessing in the "loins" of those who are (and choose to stay) with us in our return – not likely, but, no matter!

2:1 – Boas the giver – everything he touches turns to gold – the keener – the wealthy one – the generous one too.

2:3 – "happened" – that way for us all – Providence's hand in all this.

2:6 – "who's the chick?"

2:11ff – the giver and the given – and it is given unto you – cf. Luke "give and it will be given unto you, good measure etc....."

– Givers notice givers – others don't so much. Cf_______ ____(wd/)

– Cf. Graham – "don't blow the cover of the giver – it wrecks it!"

2:4 – "let's do lunch!"

2:13 – "...spoken upon the heart of your maidservant..."

2:20 –  Oh yeah! Sure! More like a matchmaker here!

3:9 – now there's a proposal for you!

3:18 – "he will settle the matter today" – not a procrastinator this one

4:14 – always the gentleman (of days gone by)

4:11ff – she gets the greatest blessing that can be invoked on a woman at that time – to be a Moabite.

4:16 – Naomi adopts the kid (as at Sandy Lake).