2 – 3 – seven church letters:


2:10 – typical of the affirmation passages throughout

6:9 – note the vindictiveness of the persecuted with which the author is in full sympathy – no excuse for it – he just is. Hardly "rejoicing" in persecution – but for those who've gone through it, it's where you're at at least periodically in the experience. How many of us get "full marks" every time?

6:16 – "oh sinner-man, where you gunna run to?" (Song)

19:1f – contrast again – this author deals in broad brush not detail.

19:6f – hallelujah chorus

19:10 – the spirit of prophecy now is tested against the revelation of/by Christ

21:1f – nice imagery

21:22 – no church in heaven (millennial one that is (i.e. now?!), In that God is the temple and Christ the ark of the covenant (latter part subjective speculation)).

22:7 – last of Revelation's seven Beatitudes:


Pretty thin gruel for all the labour involved. Generally, I see a Christianized Jewish book (s) with the overall message of "hang in there" – poetic and vivid in useful imagery for Christian artwork but being careful that we don't cross up "like" to "is".