First Timothy

1:3f – the problem of unfit teachers wanting to teach is an old one – motivation? A gift from God to do your bit, not a vehicle for self-aggrandizement.

– he regards Christian ministry as that of all teachers in the church.

1:12f – if that grace can deal with me, it can surely help you and your problem elders deal with this situation of leadership in the church.

1:18f – charge: be Paul's successor – propagandist, teacher and administrator.

– interesting parenthetical aside –faith and a clear conscience is the basis of first efforts after ordination.

– Lay them aside at your own personal (faith) peril.

3:1f – interesting emphasis on character versus skill and ability as "technical functions".

– demands exceeded those of the surrounding culture boldly.

3:6 (?) – not young in the faith! Far cry from our present practice and obsession about "getting our youth by having a young pastor"!

4:6 (?) – "one who owes his strength to the truth of the faith he has absorbed and the sound teaching he has followed".

4:7 (?) – spiritual fitness!

4:13 (+-) – focused labour – on the word – reading and preaching and teaching – his particular gift – progress should be evident to all.

4:9 (+-) – remind – people have different "ASA ratings, [a reference to the old silver-based film system, where different films had different sensitivity ratings] and require different exposure times to make any noticeable impression.

5:1ff – special cases – sensing the real issues at stake is the central. Personal versus official, help versus brand.

5:3f – honour the name "brother" or else change it!

5:22 – too quick forgiveness?

6:3-10 – chasing riches and the result – good.

6:18 (+-) – trust God not the power of wealth.