Timing (Sun Tzu 5:5c) (see list part 5b)

One skilled in military ways of war,
Makes use of combat power, but not before
He knows precisely where and when to strike,
For timing of release is how he fights.

Like Hawk or Raptor, Falcon – bird of prey –
It’s in the timing, force comes into play;
It strikes and kills, bones crushed with body blow,
Precision strike on prey seen far below.

Decision’s key to timing of a strike;
When all is set, the sequence must be right;
Restrained release of force has best effect;
A patient man can hear, “Just wait – not yet”.

But when it’s time, release is true and swift;
Within constraints, force bursts and forward rips;
Chance to react removed with crushing blow,
Like swooping hawk destroying pray they know.

Precise the hit, and focused point of force;
Like trigger pulled, the aim has set its course;
Decision made results in prompt release
Of force constrained – built up in times of peace.

When time was right, God sent His Son to all,
Redeeming us from choices at the fall;
Then to Jerusalem He went and knew full well
They’d stop His work – lest He should others tell –

Of life for all, if light and life they craved,
Salt for their meals, and bread when leaven-raised;
They crucified Him on a cross that day;
But He arose – and darkness fell away.

God timed His force to hit when all was set;
A force of love which echoes in us yet;
For everything there is a time and place –
God has his ways – Son Tsu’s impacting grace.