I walk around in fairyland
All gilt with gold and bling,
And marvel at the wealth of it,
And how it makes me sing!

Not sing for greed at luxury,
Or creature-comfort stuff,
But sing for freedom to be here
At last – that’s quite enough!

For six years I’ve prepared for this,
Or been prepared I guess;
I’ve stumbled through the cancer thing
Alas, there’s still a mess –

But now I’m here, and looking back
I say, Hey! What the heck!
I got the job done anyway,
And now I’m here – and yet –

I feel I should first comment on
How light it feels to me;
Not burdened down with weight and sin
Which Paul said, “Chuck and see –

“How light it feels to walk around
Without that load of stuff,
As you start your assignment here
Not burdened with so much.”

Lord, here we go – I’m pumped today
To now be starting out;
Thanks for this chance to enter in –
Find out what it’s about.

With preparations now behind
(Just normal learning curve),
As sun comes up this autumn day
I’m thrilled at chance to serve.

Lord, other folks lay down the torch
Which I’m now picking up;
Grant me the grace to thankful be
For miles they walked through rough –

And tumble days within this field,
And triumphs they have made,
As they move on to other things
This pathway having laid.