Local Economic Development

It was subsequent to the events and questions raised in the Pastoral relationship with the Redvers-Manor Pastoral Charge in Saskatchewan that my quest for Garden Variety Economics took on a distinct focus in Economic Development, and "scandalous particularity" in the rural economic dilemma of The Westman Region in South West Manitoba.

This presentation of some of the major approaches to local economic development is presented primarily with those readers in mind, as well as my colligues in ministry who find themselves on the front lines dealing with parishioners who are confronting these issues in their daily lives. It is intended to provide an easy on-ramp to lay people and local clergy who wish to get some ideas about what might be done by way of improving their local economy in the various towns and villages of the Brandon catchment area in South West Manitoba (Westman).

The framework and starting place for this presentation is Richard D. Bingham and Robert Mier's book Theories of Local Economic Development Newbury Park: Sage Publications, 1993, which presents over fifty such approaches. However, this presentation seeks to make such theories relevant to South West Manitoba, rather than the United States, while providing links to sites which would make for further growth in understanding on each approach.

Although this presentation is initially being completed to fulfil requirements of a Local Economic Development course at Brandon University's Master of Rural Development, it is being done in such a way that it can be added to later as new material becomes accessed, and perspectives change. It is, then, a work in progress, a conversation piece, and a learning tool for myself and others.

Each of the links below lead to groups of approaches useful in different situations and contexts.

Types of Approach - Grouped