"Garden Variety Economics"   [Garden Variety Economics Series - Intro] (Psalm 1)

“ A Kirk is a greenhouse”, I put on my sign,
“For growing up people” – it came to my mind,
As I worked with text in my son’s printing shop,
And “K” was next letter by which week was brought.

One afternoon, glancing at folks passing by,
I noticed a woman, a glint in her eye,
Come back with an iPhone and snap off a pix,
Then walk away smiling, to coffee-place quick.

I’m glad that she liked it, for church is us guys,
Though dressed up for Jesus, it’s just a disguise,
For out here in business it’s dusty we get,
And need a refreshing – feet washed and we are set.

The version of money we hear at the church,
Is twisted “for Jesus”, but comes out the worst;
So we leave it there, taking Jesus with us,
“At least we won’t wreck up our businesses thus.”

But what if in business we heard of a way,
To follow the Bible in business each day;
Then carried such wisdom we’d lived out and prayed,
To church so it’s twistedness melted away?

Then others could carry what they saw and heard,
Back home to prayer closets, reflecting on word,
Then plug in the parts that most relevant seemed –
In practice let tide rise above mean and mean.

Well, that’s what this project for me’s all about –
A biblical model has opened a route
To walk – like a road stretching here to the sun,
That sets on horizon – we pray “kingdom come”.

And on either side of that road there’s a ditch –
One socialist folks strut their stuff (some say bitch);
The other has capitalists shooting across
The way to the future with Jesus and cross.

For out of the garden we’ve all been expelled
(As Leonard sang sweetly), one step less than then hell;
“Pray daily for kingdom to come where you live”
Said Jesus, reflecting on ways we could give.

For me, that dichotomy froze me in place,
Until I got broke and I heard Psalmist say,
That being a tree by the water of life,
“Made fruit in due season, so things could go all right”

Don’t distribute resource, by pumping from roots,
With branches like hoses through which money shoots;
Transform it to fruit that’s exchanged in the fall,
Then cycle again making fruit for us all.

In Proverbs I read about towers of cash,
“Safe stronghold? forget it, too tempting a stash;
So don’t stack it up like a hoarder – just flow
Resource like a river – life works – let it go.”

That was the beginning – both sides have a case;
Each side has its value, presents its best face,
Then critiques the other side, parts black and white;
For me? It’s “A way” we can walk that is right.

I gather up insights which others have gained,
But here on this road is where I will remain;
Wide open to ditches which flow right along,
As I push on daily composing these songs.

No, we’re not in Garden of Eden these days,
As we look around us and blanch with dismay;
But God is all over, He’s here with us all,
He’s calling us homeward – been that way since fall.

So let’s look at Scripture and what man hath wrought,
And listen as Spirit shows what’s good or not;
Then pray for the grace to plug in what we’ve learned,
So biblical ways flavor what we have earned.

Thanks Lord for this.