"Enhancement"    [Garden Variety Economics Series - Economic Development Sub-Section – Capital-Labor Enhancement Aspect] (Ephesians 4:11-17)

If you’re into digging ditches wanting to improve your lot,
You can educate your workforce, giving training on the spot;
Or invent a better shovel, scraper, backhoe, or a dredge,
Multiplying each man’s effort – splitting logs with ax and wedge.

Or do both – pump up your workers, then en-tooling them to work
At their maximum potential – mindless jobs drive some berserk;
Don’t just wring them out and dump them when they’re no more use to you,
You can plan for obsolescence; do your work with that in view.

There’s a need to enter fully into ways and means for this,
Education and/or training fits into a larger pix;
It takes effort, cash, and forethought, to conduct good R and D,
But results can help a region boost its poor economy.

So let’s look at both approaches, overlapping as they do;
Higher-ed’s involved in research, but there’s more with broader view –
I recall I met the widow of a farmer long ago,
Husband’s concept was developed – his “grain auger” we all know.

Sure, we’re doing this already, but let’s put it in a set –
Just like poems on a subject, pictures of our travels get
More attention when they’re focused, like a frame gives unity –
“Laying bricks”, “Cathedral building” – one has vision all can see.

Thanks Lord for this.