Free At Last!

I’m free at last! Oh what a blast!
     And victory’s job is done!
          He got the point, let’s blow this joint!
               Such peace today is won!

Lord, it’s now time to leave this place
     Of work – long years I’ve spent –
          I ask your grace to future face
              And let it go – content.

Not pick up stuff, just disengage,
     Enjoy your gift to me,
          Of life on planet Earth today,
               A life of liberty.

You asked me Lord, if problem was
     I had not really grasped
          With firmness all the beauty here,
                This piece I see at last.

For like that precious jewel, Lord
     I’d taken in my hand,
          I let it go, now he has seen,
              And he now understands.

I know there’s one last piece of work
     Through me You wish to do:
          Connecting giver-group back in
               To body-life in You.

But even there I sense release,
     Quite different from before,
          A shift of locus of my work
                Like walking through a door.

Back in the days of RAI
     A question I heard asked –
          “How does one know when one is done
                 In sea of info vast?”

Well, this I know, come yesterday,
     I felt it lift from me;
          The moment that baton was passed
                It went – and now I’m free.

How strange it was, how gift was given,
     Not some word I had planned,
          But rhema-word enlivened from
               My words, you understand.

The weight was gone – no longer mine –
     Freed up to walk away;
          I woke this morning free and clear
               To face a brand-new day.

Lord, as I leave this project now
     To others on the field;
          Help me stay in your freedom-life
               That work to others yield.

You’ve one more task to do through me,
     Relaxed, I sense your ways;
          One task you quickly finished up,
               Freed up remaining days.

I thank You Lord, for this relief,
     For wrapping up this task,
          And freeing me to move ahead,
               To live the life You’ve asked.

This task which You’ve prepared for me,
     And prototyped my way,
          Exciting is, much lighter now,
               Here goes – I start today.